About Us

Ecology Solidarity has many years of presence in the self-governing events of Thessaloniki/Greece. From the first presence of the Ecologists in the Municipal Elections of Thessaloniki on 1990 with candidate mayor G. Tziolas and the astronomical percentage of 2.58% obtained for the data, possibilities and means of those who supported the ballot “Ecological Thessaloniki”. The yeast of the people who participate this ballot, after a few months, founded the “Ecology-Solidarity” Self-Governing Movement. Since then, either autonomously or in collaboration with other factions or active citizens, participates in the self-governing scene of the wider region of Thessaloniki and takes part in all electoral processes at both levels of self-government, namely the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the then Prefecture of Thessaloniki. Recently “Ecology-Solidarity” participate in many municipalities in the urban planning complex and in the Region of Central Macedonia where has been represented with an elected regional councilor since the begining of this statute ον 2010.